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The Profit Frog offers a targeted range of consulting solutions to help your business generate more profits.

The Profit Frog's lead consultant, Terri Mitchell, thoroughly investigates your business operations with you, looking for cash flow leaks, and unearthing profit potential you may not be aware of.

The Profit Frog brings harmony and alignment to your workplace through selected Personality Assessment tools, helping to foster better interpersonal relationships between your key personnel, and client engagement. 

Satisfied customers are happy, loyal customers, who spend more money, more frequently. With this in mind, Terri can expertly develop your Customer Service Teams, training them in how to deliver consistent, 'Wow'-worthy exceptional service. 

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Your Profits. More. Sooner.

The Profit Frog solves the critical issues facing your business - too little cash flow, lost sales opportunities, untracked outgoings, expensive advertising with low ROI. Using our unique tools, strategies, and expertise, we help your business to boost quick cashflow, reduce wasted expenditure, maximise your Customer Service performance, and   make more profit, more often with more customers, spending more money, more often.

Gain Critical Business Insights

Are you experiencing challenges in your business, even after taking all the right steps?
Would you know if there are money leaks from your business?
Could you find instant cashflow for your business if you had to?
Would you know the number of customers contacting or transacting with your business, if asked?
Do you know how many, or how often, and when are your busiest customer contact points?

These are just some of the many assessment and evaluation questions that are part of the Strategy Session. 

Thorough Business Operation Investigation and Analysis 

This Audit is designed to dig deep into your business operations, and highlight all areas where there is room for improvement. The questions focus on every aspect of your business function, from product, stock, and sales, through to team training, customer service, brand identity, promotions, and distribution, leaving nothing out. 

The audit can take several hours, depending upon the business type and size, and can be conducted in one session, or over multiple sessions, as determined in agreement between you and the Profit Frog consultant.

You may choose to include additional services, such as the Profit Frog's own Customer Service Excellence Core Training, or the Personality Profiling Individual assessments, for example. 

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