About the Profit Frog

The Profit Frog emerged from Terri's experience with poor customer service, and her interest in business. It was during the 2009 Global Financial Crisis that a well-known Australian business owner complained in a news report about the failing economy. However, his customer service teams were failing to capitalise on the fundamentals of Customer Service Excellence. It was after observing this that Terri investigated programs for helping businesses, and learned about the Hidden Marketing Assets program, founded in the US, and expanding globally to assist business owners to uncover assets within their businesses critical to unearthing cashflow potential untapped within the business, and profit opportunities to be explored. 

About Terri Mitchell aka The Profit Frog 

For over 30 years, I held various roles in a low-level capacity. Predominantly, my skills were in customer service, though I have been employed in many industries. From Customer Service Agent, to Office Manager, to Psychiatric Nurse, to Claim Assessor, to Facilities Assistant Manager, to Call Centre Operator; the list of roles is many and varied. Yet, the one commonality was the engagement with clients, customers, patients, stakeholders, and other important members of the community. 

What I observed, and received direct feedback from customers and others about, was how each person felt when he or she received lousy service versus the experience of excellent service. Needless to say, the difference was extreme. 

I had always been criticised by managers for investing time with my customers, clients, or patients, because according to them I was not being paid to 'counsel' them, or to give clients 'special attention'.

This only spurred me on to deliver even more exceptional service because receiving highest quality feedback from customers, including a 100% Mystery Shopper rating while working in a Big Box retailer, told me exactly what I believed to be the case -- that if receiving superior service mattered to me as a customer, then it only made sense that it mattered to my clients and customers. 

I've invested years in learning, practicing, and ensuring that I understand not just the feel-good about customer service but the impact upon business - from customers spending more money within a business because they felt heard, valued, and appreciated for being a customer, through to clients referring through word-of-mouth to their family and friends because they wanted others to experience what they had. 

It occurred to me that Exemplary Customer Service, if delivered correctly, consistently, and authentically, could result in more potential customers converting to actual customers, spending more money, more often over more transactions. 

Greater customer spend value, and longer customer life cycle, with more transactions. It all adds up to a potential increase in cashflow and profit -- exactly what business success is built upon. 

As a direct result of these observations and with the investment in the Hidden Marketing Assets program, Terri has also created an exclusive program of her own: the Customer Service Excellence Core Training program, for all customer service agents. It can be undertaken by individuals or implemented in businesses for their entire customer service teams.

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