Develop Your Hired Talent (Teams)

You invest a lot when hiring your team members. If you're hiring your talent specifically for Customer Service roles, or for other roles involving some contact with your customers, for example, your accounts department, I.T service, booking team, reception, etc, then you need to ensure each person -- no matter the role hired for -- receives the very best customer service training. 

This is vital. There is nothing more unprofessional than a great Customer Service agent attempting to bring a positive resolve to a customer's difficult issue, only to have it begrudgingly addressed by one of your employees with ineffective service skills. Such a poor experience potentially leads to negative word of mouth, bad reviews, loss of business and no referrals. All in all, it's costly and not something you can afford, especially when it is completely avoidable. 

To solve this, the Profit Frog has created a unique, targeted training program, the Customer Service Excellence Core Training program, designed to address every aspect of customer service, from the greeting all the way through to the 'goodbye'. 

If you want to ensure that every one of your team members can offer consistent excellence, best reflecting the reputation and standing of your business, then you cannot ignore the training experience. 

The Customer Service Excellence Core Training program is intense, deep-diving, yet effective at focusing on exactly what customers say is important to them, and in teaching your teams exactly how to think like Customer Service Professionals, not just employees.


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