The 3 steps you can take to satisfy your clients

There's no denying it - happy clients spend more, and more often, with a business that delivers.

Even in spite of COVID-19 causing havoc with snap lockdowns and other restrictions, your customers still want to spend money and the stress of COVID has impacted what people are spending it on.

Did you know that because of mask-wearing, lipstick sales went down?

So, that's not great for you if your primary product is lipstick. However, for every product that customers are not buying, they are most certainly spending money on other non-essentials, including skin care (because masks have caused some skin irritations), and home improvements have become top priority (no surprise, since some people are spending much more time within the same four walls).

While we know that people are spending money, the most important way to keep them coming back to you after lockdown (or during lockdown if you can take all your services online), is to satisfy them.


1. Listen to their feedback -- heck, ask for it! Find out what they want, learn from them how well you are doing, what you do great and where you might need to improve. Best thing? Act on the feedback and improve. Do what is possible.

2. Let the customers know that you have heard them. There is NOTHING worse than customers going to the efforts of leaving feedback only to have it ignored. Whether it be on Google Reviews, WOM (Word of Mouth), or even Facebook reviews, and whether you like what they say or not, FEEDBACK IS GOLD! Use it to your advantage and acknowledge the customers who go to the effort to provide you with these priceless insights into where you do well (then up the ante and do even better) or where you need to get it right (then go do it better than just right).

3. Engage personally with your clients, and treat them individually as humans. Now, this might sound a bit strange -- but it's not. How many times have you walked into a business with intention to buy from them only to be ignored by the service team, treated dismissively because they seem to be in a hurry to be rid of you, or they just seem straight out ill-educated about their products and services and do very little to engage with you to find out what they may be able to do to effectively help you?

It happens all too often. This is either due to poor training, poor attitudes from the service team, or poor management. Don't let it be the case for you.

Treat your clients - the ones who buy - and your potential clients - the ones who might buy next time - with the same engaging respect, interest, and personalised attention.

You do not want to create an atmosphere where the activity of purchasing is just a financial transaction. People are social creatures and the more you can do to let them know you regard them highly and appreciate their business, the more satisfied they will be.

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