No longer Business as Usual.

COVID-19 has changed the business-scape forever.

Yet, the one aspect of business that NEVER changes is the need for customers, and more importantly, for customers willing to spend money within YOUR business. So, if COVID has impacted upon the way you do business, especially during snap lockdowns, how do you stay afloat? The new buzz-word is 'pivot'.

Some people have come to hate the word. It has been overused, yet it truly could be the difference between closing up shop for good, or salvaging what you can from the 'mess' and turning a potential disaster into a new and clever way to capture clients and have them spend money with YOU and not some other competitor. And, this applies equally to the online environment as it does to the street-side businesses.

One of the BEST things you can do is work out this:

Are you an ESSENTIAL service within the framework of the government policies that determine this?

Essential medical health care, veterinary care, motor vehicle services and fuel outlets, mental health care, school services, grocery and food provision... there is a huge list. If you are NOT considered within the acknowledged lists, yet your services are still hugely important (think Personal Trainers and other fitness and wellness care services, for example) then how can you maintain clients, keep business happening, and still remain front and centre of your clients' minds when lockdowns ease and businesses can resume?

If you have not cornered your ONLINE PRESENCE via Zoom or other platforms, using this to remain in touch with your clients, then it is vital that you look to the online services and if necessary, to utilising courier and delivery teams wherever this fits into the Lockdown guidelines.

This is the one time in current history where business operators like you are under pressure to consider how can you 'pivot' and make changes that can help you and your clients continue to transact. What can you do differently?

Consider how you could make changes and do things differently, and seek out professional advice to get in and get it happening now.

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