Rainy days, the Off-Season, Reserve Bank Tuesdays, the News, and Elections

What Rainy days, the Off-Season, Reserve Bank Tuesdays, the News, and Elections all have in common, and why you can still laugh all the way to the bank (without a rain coat!) The one result each of these factors can bring upon your business is a downturn in customers. When the rain comes, customers don't want to get wet, and they hate the cold. Many of them won't go shopping in the rain. It doesn't hold true for every type of business, but it certainly can slow the day's sales for some. If your business trade is boosted by specific seasonal drivers, then when the season reaches its end, sales can dry up pretty quickly. On the first Tuesday of every month, when the Australian Reserve Bank makes its announcement about interest rates, the decision to lift interest rates can cause sudden tightening of the household purse strings. Should the nightly news report on job losses and axings, business closures, or buy-outs from overseas investment firms, people can become anxious and cut down on non-essential spending. Elections, changes of government, new taxes and policies, and budget cuts can all create an environment of apprehension where buyers buy less, spenders spend less and shoppers shop less. These are a handful of the events and situations that can cause a ripple - or a tidal tsunami - across the consumer-scape, impacting your business through fewer customer purchases, and subsequently lower cash flow, reduced profits, and books that don't balance quite so robustly at the end of the day, week, month, or reporting quarter. If you've been affected by these very scenarios, then you know how stressful it can be. You need the sales, yet there are fewer customers coming through the door/the internet, or making the call to your business. You have to be open for business, but some days you run at a loss, because your overheads cut into sales you do make - staffing, power bills, rent, rates, insurances... the list seems endless. You run what seem to be constant advertisements in the paper, on TV, on the internet, in the Yellow Pages (is that still even a thing?) and the mail - catalogues, flyers - yet the numbers sometimes don't stack up. The cost of the lead generation hardly warrants the effort, when the best you’ve had is 2% response rate... if that. (That's meant to be industry standard, by the way.) These are genuine issues, and cold comfort though it may be, you are not alone facing these troubles down. The good news - and, yes, there is good news - is that a solution may be at hand. In fact, the solution lay within your very own business. Every business, yours included, has the answer to these problems and it's not buried deep beneath the layers, somehow inaccessible, and it is not expensive, either. The trouble is, the solution can seem too easy and require effort on your part... and if the maxim, "If it seems too good to be true, it usually is" holds any sway, then the simplicity of the solution may have given you reason to overlook it. The answer to these challenges to your business cash liquidity is not about changing everything you are doing - it's not that you are doing anything wrong. However, by tweaking, modifying and by approaching what you are doing with proven time-tested strategies that have been helping other businesses like yours for more than 20 years, you may just see increases in: - the number of prospects contacting your business - the number of actual sales across the day, week, month, quarter - the dollar value spend of each customer - the number of transactions made by each customer - the life time value of each customer - the number of active referrals made to your business. and decreases in: - the expense of lead generating advertisements and campaigns. If you are willing to consider a better way to generate cash flow (and learn some cash-leaking plug techniques along the way), and discover ways to enjoy the increases mentioned above, because you're fed up with ad-campaigns that just aren't ringing the cash register the way you thought... Or if you're ready to take the next step to grow your business, and want effective strategies to make it happen, then keep reading. If your business has been in operation for a minimum two years; has a turnover from $150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand) upward, annually; has the infrastructure in place to facilitate growth, and you have the budget to invest in boosting your sales revenue, without significant additional expense in advertising, then the Profit Frog's services may well be what you've been looking for. It doesn't matter if you have an established marketing team or not. The services of the Profit Frog are supportive, not intended to replace or supersede, and are guaranteed to increase your business sales by a minimum of 10%... no matter what the events or news of the day.

In fact, in spite of most economic issues, and no matter the time of day or season, the techniques and strategies offered by the Profit Frog are specific, tested, proven to work, and backed up by a guarantee*. If you are a decision maker, ready to push the envelope, willing to try something a little different that has already helped hundreds, thousands, of businesses around the globe to boost sales, and improve cash flow and profitability within 3-6 months, to a year, then CALL now. Or email, or contact the Profit Frog via Facebook or Twitter. It doesn't matter how you contact me, just make sure you do. You could choose to let this moment pass, because you can't be sure I can be trusted - and I get it. I really do.

I mean, who am I to be claiming to have brilliant ideas and outstanding strategies to solve your cash flow issues within a BAS reporting period?

Take the risk. Call, contact, connect with the Profit Frog and make sure you give your business a fighting chance in today's economy. Then you could be laughing, all the way to the bank and not the administrators. To qualify for the Profit Frog's help, you need to meet the earlier mentioned criteria. However, I am only working with 10 new clients in 2021. So, get in quick. If it's not for you, maybe you're an accountant, financial planner, or business coach, and your business clients could benefit from you making the call for them.

Send the email, contact via social media.

Do what it takes, get it done, because this is a limited time opportunity. Only 10 businesses in 2021 will receive the intensive marketing services offered by the Profit Frog. For each of the ten businesses selected to receive my intensive marketing services, who invest in my services, the cost of the first marketing assessment consultation - valued at over $250.00 - will be deducted from fees for services. I can only help you if your business meets my specific criteria. Remember, that's being in operation for at least 2 years, with a turnover upward of $150,000.00, and with infrastructure in place to support growth of minimum 10% sales revenue (that's minimum... I'd be aiming for 20-25%, at least) and the budget to spend on intensive marketing that guarantees results within 3-6 months, up to a year, with significant improvement in your cash flow and operating costs. If this is you, contact the Profit Frog now. * The Guarantee: I will give you strategies and implement techniques and tactics that will grow your business minimum 10%... and provided these techniques and strategies have been acted upon, actioned, implemented, followed through within the prescribed time, you should see the increases in cash flow from boosted sales revenue... and if not, then I will continue working with your business until the results are achieved - at minimal or no extra cost (conditions will apply). Act now. Email: Ph: 1300 983641 Facebook: The Profit Frog Twitter: @TheProfitFrog Provide me your email address, and I will send you my complimentary e-book,

"Making Real Profits From Customer Service", with useful and practical information to benefit your business. I'm waiting to hear from you.

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