Rude Customers Pay Your Bills. Rude Staff Don't.

You cannot afford to treat any customers - not even the rude ones - poorly. Not in this tough economic climate - so make NOW the time for decisive action against lost profits by being a Customer Service Superstar. If your Customer Service sucks, then nothing you spend in advertising is going to fix it or fill your pockets with ROI. Your mission, and you must choose to accept it, is to deliver SUPERIOR customer service to every potential and existing customer. Not just "okay" customer service. Not even "good" customer service. If you are not prepared to ensure your customer service is Exemplary Superior Outstanding Rave-Review Worthy ... then you better be asking yourself why you are in business, because you won't be for long with the wrong kind of Customer Service attitude. Especially now with online and overseas shopping eating into every business owner's bottom line - and worse, with COVID-19 lockdowns creating havoc for all businesses.

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