Comprehensive Marketing Audit

In-depth assessment of your business operations and profit status.

  • 4 hours
  • Price on application
  • Melbourne

Service Description

Full and in-depth assessment of your entire business marketing and customer engagement functions, looking for the "leaks" - where you're losing money or not making money where it could be flowing in. This audit explores every potential within your business to generate cashflow, whilst not overlooking areas where you are bleeding money (from the obvious, to the seemingly petty, everything is considered significant). We also focus on the commonly neglected areas, involving team training and customer engagement, advertising, and promotion within your marketing budget. This is not designed to replace or supersede the important work of your existing executive or marketing teams. Rather, the audit complements, supports, and enhances what is already working. The audit also identifies under-performing areas or trouble spots to be eliminated. Taking place over one long session, or over several sessions, this assessment produces a thorough report, and a full set of recommendations that you can either (a) choose to implement yourself, or (b) invest in having the recommendations fully implemented for you. Successful results are the ultimate aims, aiming to accelerate your profits upwards of 10-30%. Contact the Profit Frog to find out more.

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