Personalities -- Assessing and Defining

Using Personality Profiles for insights into Teams, clients, and you.

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Your teams, your clients and the people who interact with your business 'show up' with their own personalities. When you are unfamiliar with the typical traits, qualities, needs, and behaviours within each general personality style, you may misinterpret the cues, or miscommunicate your intention or expectation. This can lead to all kinds of challenges in the workplace and may also result in lost business and unhappy customers. It doesn't need to be this way. With the benefit of Personality assessments, you can: • Learn how each personality is defined by traits, characteristics, and mannerisms • Discover how to communicate more easily with your clients and team members. • Gain greater understanding of your employees, helping you build positive, critical workplace relationships. • Recognise the traits and mannerisms in your potential and actual clients, allowing you to better tailor your service and your communication, and improve client relationships • Satisfy more clients who spend more, more often, over a longer period with your business. Personality profiling, unlike psychometric testing, does not require a trained psychologist to administer or interpret the tests. Profiling is conducted by participants themselves, who also see the results which can then be freely discussed as insights are developed within, and about others. Inquire now about Personality Profiling for your business.

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