Just what is a Strategy Session and

how does it help your business?


The Profit Frog offers you and your key decision makers/business partner(s) an allocated appointment where we discuss your main concerns regarding your business, in particular your cashflow, sales revenue, outgoing expenses, and team training. 

The purpose is to allow you to share what areas in your business represent your greatest challenges, and for the Profit Frog consultant to identify what the potential solutions are and how they may bring the best results for your business, with a focus on generating more cashflow and greater profit, sooner. 

Profit and Loss Statements.

Be prepared, by having your current financial details ready. These will help the Profit Frog consultant to see what your incoming and outgoing position is, as a starting point. Important figures include your advertising spend.


Ten clients or customers

Make a list of ten clients or customers that the Profit Frog can call, to find out from a customer perspective how well you're doing, or where you could improve. You'll need their best telephone contact numbers. 


Your Customer Service Team Members

Prepare to have your customer service agents available for a brief discussion. They may not always tell you where they see need for change, however they may be open to sharing this with the Profit Frog Consultant.

Strategy Session

Let's Work Together

To Book a complimentary Strategy Session: 

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Call the Profit Frog: Ph: 1300 983641 (Australia) 

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Zoom sessions are available for local and international clients.